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Marketing Analytics

Get a comprehensive grasp of the data through statistical analysis and build dashboards to facilitate decisions making.

Advanced Modelling & AI Marketing

Translate business requirements into technical data and AI solutions, gauge performance using concrete KPIs.

Custom Data & AI trainings

Enhance your team's skill set with customized training programs designed to meet your specific needs.

Marketing 360 & Design (The studio)

Craft a successful marketing strategy and manage campaigns. Optimize search results for effective online visibility

Marketing Analytics

We unlock data-driven insights and supercharge your marketing efforts

  • Define and collect business metrics

    We identify and measuring key KPIs that are relevant to a business's goals.

  • Analyze data and tell the story

    Build appropriate charts, conduct analyses, and extract insights to gain a deeper understanding of the business

  • Recommend actions & measure impact

    Use the findings to implement meaningful actions and measure their effect

Advanced Modelling & AI marketing

We use data science techniques &AI to empower marketing

  • Translate the business needs into technical solutions using data & IA

    We access the existing data and engage in brainstorming sessions to identify relevant use cases.

  • Design a MVP and choose the relevant pieces of technology

    We showcase the added value of the proposition by choosing the most suitable techniques and machine learning models when needed.

  • Validate our methodology and measure its performance with tangible KPIs

    We validate the methodology with statistical analysis, industry benchmarks, and real-world A/B testing.

  • Scale up the solution

    Use state of the Art cloud technology to deliver with industry standard high quality code and solution.

Custom Data & AI Trainings

We boost teams knowledge around different data and AI marketing related topics

  • Develop and deliver personalized training programs

    We maintain a collection of pre-existing training catalog which we frequently expand, and we can also create customized catalogs to meet the specific requirements of our clients

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Marketing 360 & Design

On the flip side, our studio team oversees marketing operations

  • Define marketing strategy

    We enhance digital performance in lead generation, engagement, conversion, and customer retention by implementing robust digital strategies driven by data insights.

  • SEO & Search optimization

    We improve the visibility and ranking of our clients websites on search engine results pages for relevant keywords.

  • Social and Online campaigns management

    We promote your brand or business through social medias and other digital channels.

  • Mobile Apps and websites design

    Our team can design a visually appealing website or craft a user-friendly mobile app, creating engaging digital experiences and leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

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